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Grand Care

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Grand Care

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Dominating the heart of the city Grand Hotel Sofia is a deluxe five-star hotel that has been home for international business travelers, high-profile events and cosmopolitan society since 2004. Art-lovers and food connoisseurs alike will appreciate the hotel gallery and its fine-dining Shades of Red restaurant.

The Hotel is a stylish residence in a prime location with a welcoming and dedicated staff that will ensure your stay will exceed your expectations. Throughout the years Grand Hotel Sofia has accommodated a remarkable variety of international celebrities and dignitaries.

Bring your event to life!

Customize it in 2D, 3D and even walk through the hall in VR mode and get a fully personalized event experience.

Sofia Hall

Triaditza Hall

Prime Central Location

Justified Promise

Since it’s opening, Grand Hotel Sofia has been recognised and well received by tourist service providers and individual travellers alike.


They also chose Grand Hotel Sofia

Grand Hotel Sofia is one of the most prestigious hotels in Sofia. Throughout the years Grand Hotel Sofia has accommodated a variety of international celebrities and dignitaries.

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