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Grand Care

[measures for health and safety]

Grand Care

[measures for health and safety]

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Message from our General Manager


In these difficult times, we are responsible for every action, every act of support or protest, every word or gesture. Everyone has a responsibility called "man."

Our actions will now determine whether we will be called "men" tomorrow. And this is hospitality - care, empathy and love from person to person. That is why it is our responsibility, regardless of the difficulties we face, to act humanly.

With this gesture of "remote hospitality" we want to express our commitment to the doctors at Alexandrovska University Hospital, who, through our 24/7 dedication, inspire us all to be better. With a team of gastronomic ambassadors led by Chef Joro Ivanov and Chef Tanya Pravchanova, we will not only cook daily and gratuitously for them, but will put all our love, positive energy and care to create a mood for them and give them a smile.

We have implemented the highest possible hygiene and safety measures to ensure the safety of both the medical staff and the team.

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