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Grand Care

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Grand Care

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How to plan you wedding


We at Grand Hotel Sofia have many years of experience in organizing events of a different nature.

Many couples have chosen us to hold their wedding party and are often worried about the lack of knowledge in organizing it. For them we will write a few simple steps in the planning of a wedding that we meet in our everyday practice that will be useful whether they are with us or not:


1. Basic information

1. Names of the newlyweds
2. Date of wedding ceremony
3. Opening hours of a wedding party
4. Name of the wedding restaurant
5. Coordinates of the newlyweds / e-mail, telephone /

2. Choose a preferred wedding package

Most hotels and restaurants have some that will offer you

3. Accommodation for Wedding Guests:

 - Do you want to book rooms for your guests?
 - Specify a period of accommodation, number of rooms, whether guests will personally pay for their stay
 - The room rate per room is usually subject to the availability of the information above

4. Some clarifications:
Would you like to have a "Welcome" drink for guests? If yes - start time, place (lounge, terrace, garden or when entering the restaurant)

 - Do you want a ritual exported?
If yes - start time, place, type of decoration

 - Do you want the party to go to the night club at night for your guests? If yes - start time, place, rental price

 - Do you want to book a DJ?
Price, professional DJ / Head of the wedding party will be?

 - Do you want individual name plates?

 - Do you want to prepare menus in front of each guest? / Provided as a compliment to a particular template /

 - Do you want a separate dance floor?

 - Do you want to invite guests?

5. Wedding menu specifications
 - Confirm your choice of MAIN menu: Salad, Appetizer, Main course, Appetizer, choice of filling and wedding cake vision

 - Confirm how many of your guests will be fed by the main menu selected above:
(Usually up to 10 days before the wedding) - number of guests with main menu, number of guests with vegetarian main menu.
  In this regard, confirm that some of your guests have a specific allergy or food intolerance:
  O Intolerance to:
  O Number of guests
  O Other notes

 - Do you have a children's menu?

 - Do you want to order couriers also for officials / DJ, Operator, Photographer, etc. / - often the officials are offered a discount from the price of the courier and the number of guests according to the official menu

 - Do you want the hotel / restaurant to provide rituals for rituals?

6. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and additional orders

 - Do you want to order alcoholic beverages?
  O NO. Terms of wine and alcoholic beverages by customers:
  - Alcohol must be delivered 2-3 days before the wedding day on a weekday between 08:00 and 17:00.
  - No beer is allowed

  O YES. Many restaurants offer beverages at preferential prices and accrual based on actual open bottle consumption.

  O There are options for an "Open Bar" with unlimited consumption of alcoholic beverages

Specify how to proceed with additional orders from your guests during the celebration (coffee, tea, beer, energy drinks, fresh juice, etc.)
  O Will be paid by the newlyweds
  O They will be paid by the guests themselves
  O Bridesmaids only cover orders for coffee, tea, beer ......

 - Preferential prices for additional orders - whether there are any

7. Organization, distribution of tables and guest list

 - It is important to send a distribution schedule to the tables up to 10 days before the wedding

 - Make a list of the names of your guests and send it up to 10 days before the wedding:

 - You can list the following details in the list:
O Who are the guests who will be served a children's menu
O Who are the guests who will be served a vegetarian menu
O Who are the guests who will be served another specific menu
O Who are the officers?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a wedding party be used?

After that hour, is a charge overpaid?

Is it possible to bring champagne to a whiskey?

What does the Ritual Fee include?

How will wedding invitations look like?

How will placards and menus look like for the masses?

How many hours can decorators and arrangers have access to the room?

How many hours can the newlyweds be accommodated in the apartment?

Terms of booking and cancellation of a wedding ceremony - advance payment and cancellation - what is the penalty?

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