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Hotel News & Events


Grand Hotel Sofia summer theatre


This summer Grand Hotel Sofia will partner with the students of National Academy for Theater and Film Arts.

Follow us on more classical texts and modern drama in the hotel garden this summer!
Besides the well-known and loved by the metropolitan people form of entertainment in the face of a stand-up comedy, this summer the hotel will risk again with non-traditional events and entertainment initiatives to provoke its old and future guests.

Prof. Plamen Markov's theater students will present their fresh reading of classic drama, texts, jazz improvisations and "Accelerated course" on Moliere, Shakespeare, Chekhov and other classics, which will sound fresh and modern in the interpretations of young artists.

This way, the legendary, exterior space of the hotel will preserve its classical uncompromising sound and at the same time give the chance to new fans to discover the charm of the garden and the classical cuisine of Grand Coffee.

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